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"A Place for Joãozinho” is a project that aims to become a reference for health for young people.

Above all, it’s the creation of a place where children and youths can play and learn, with room for games, hobbies and culture, a medical museum, multimedia center and, of course, the key area, where the best healthcare and well-being is delivered for to the most young.

Joãozinho is the mascot of the "A Place to Joãozinho" which represents all children, whose human and fundamental rights are, indispensably, worthy of the best attention and healthcare.

The project seeks to raise funds from companies, institutions and civil society, to build the new children’s hospital, creating value for both parties and, most importantly, improve the quality of healthcare for children.

Health is one of the key pillars of happiness and construction of the child.

São João:

The São João Hospital is a hospital in Oporto, Portugal, constantly renews itself by focusing at present on a refurbishment of infrastructure and technological equipment. From all this investment in the renovation of the Hospital, 14 million goes for the profound reshaping of health care services relating to children in this hospital.

São João Hospital is a multiple healthcare provider linked with primary healthcare services and other hospitals within the Portuguese Healthcare system. Since 31 of December 2005, São João Hospital became administratively, financially and patrimonial autonomous. Then began an internal reorganization accomplished by investments of 120 million still in course to date.

It stands as a scholar hospital with deep bonds to the Porto Medicine Faculty.

Covering about 3 million people, São João Hospital is the biggest hospital in the north of Portugal hospital and absolutely the best in clinical services.

São João hospital holds a pediatric clinical staff of international relevance and the aim is to achieve excellence, providing children and professionals with unparalleled facilities and equipment able to grant children’s dignified and permanent caring, 24 hours a day.

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