TravelPlot Porto Credits

Transmedia Producer / Story Architect / Writer Soraia Ferreira
Executive Producers Soraia Ferreira
Angelino Ferreira
Artur Pimenta Alves
Illustrator Joana Pereira
Props  Ibezerra 
Website Webcomum
iPhone App / Android App Clever Way Mobile
Poster / Map   Ana Soares / Nextpower Norte
Peter’s Videos  
Peter Smith Tom Murton
Director/ Producer Soraia Ferreira
UK Director Tom Wadlow
UK Producer Chrissa Wadlow
Director of Photography/ Editor     Gonçalo Laranjo
Sound Design/ Nuno Vasques Cambra
Motion Graphics António Teixeira / CVisual

Production Assistant/ Subtitles 

Ana Lusquiños
Ana Rita Silva


Motion Graphics Marina Peres
Voice Over  Tom Wadlow
Sound Design/ Music    Nuno Vasques Cambra


Director/ Producer/ Editor Soraia Ferreira
Director of Photography  Gonçalo Laranjo
Sound Design Nuno Vasques Cambra
Motion Graphics   António Teixeira / CVisual
Production Assistant/ Subtitles   Ana Lusquiños
Ana Rita Silva

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Community Engagement   Soraia Ferreira

Soraia Ferreira PhD Advisers                                      

Artur Pimenta Alves
Célia Quico
Thank you
Maria Nazaré Ferreira, Bruno Ferreira, Família Vaz, Família Casinha, Família Teixeira Mendes, Fernando Gamboa, Família Barbosa, Ester Ferreira, Rui Santos, partners of TravelPlot Porto and everybody that helped this project to become a reality.

Soraia Ferreira
TravelPlot Porto Transmedia Producer / Story Architect / Writer

Soraia Ferreira is currently a Digital Media PhD Research Fellow at UT AustinIPortugal Program - International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies (CoLab), at Engineering Faculty of University of Porto, researching location based transmedia storytelling in tourism. She is also a researcher at INESC TEC (formerly INESC Porto).

Soraia holds a Cinema Studies Masters from Lusófona University in Lisbon and a Business Administration Degree from the Catholic Portuguese University in Porto. She has also studied Directing and Producing of Movies and Television at the New York Film Academy in New York and Los Angeles respectively; Film Business at the Media Business School in Spain and in 2010 was selected to the Berlinale Talent Campus, a creative academy and networking platform for 350 up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world that takes place during the Berlin Film Festival.

Soraia started her career in Los Angeles as the personal assistant to the president of Hyde Park International. In 2005, she founded the production company Yellow Pictures and later on, the production company Yellow Films, where she was responsible for the management of both operational units. Between 2005 and 2009, she produced the feature “Star Crossed” and also produced and directed the making of and the promotional clips of this feature. Independently she has produced since 2003 numerous narrative shorts and documentaries in New York, Los Angeles, Porto and Lisbon.

Since 2009, Soraia has been lecturing at film festivals and schools namely at the Arouca Film Festival, UFrame, FEST and at the Porto Polytechnic. Soraia is presently teaching at the Advanced Digital Media program at the Porto University.